Gain the skills you need to have less stress, better relationships, more confidence, time for family and friends, and stability at work and home.

This course is about much more than traditional time management and organizational skills.  It has the potential to change your life by demonstrating how time, organization, health, money, weight, and other life and career concerns are connected.Since any one of these has an effect on everything else, you need a successful system that includes goal-setting, priorities, scheduling, relationships, and other elements.

Dr. Joe Serio will help you create that system.  He’ll teach you to eliminate procrastination, set goals, stay on course, respond when your progress stalls, and more. He will also explain the surprisingly critical connection between organization at home and performance at work.

You will complete the program with a specific plan in place to tackle your most important goal.

Course sections:
  • Manage your time to achieve all your goals
  • Understand multitasking for the greatest results
  • Manage fear and procrastination so you increase productivity
  • Effectively set and achieve new goals
  • Turbocharge your time for greater efficiency

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